My mother sewed my clothes, my sibling's clothes, and we recycled as a humble family. She learned to sew in Home Economics, a high school course whose origins came out of the Women's Laboratory at MIT beginning in the 19th Century. I felt odd growing up wearing asymmetrical handmade clothes, yet as society continues to become more materialistic and consumer-focused, individual expression becomes constricted and rarefied. The concept of mending and repair becomes obsolete for the new and updated.

As an installation artist , my studio is a relational and plush environment. My work is accessible, funky, quirky, and celebrates the individuality of the viewer by inviting tactile sensations and active participation. Installations encourage viewers to confront their own image, take selfies, wear costumes, touch materials, and reflect upon texts and soundtracks. My texts and audio-visuals talk about class, averting crises, and encourage practitioners not to work for free.

I produce tactile installations as safe spaces for discussions and material exchanges. I embroider ten flags and weavings annually, reflecting upon societal and political concepts that I explore organically in the material process. Texts speak about wanting a more inclusive society that speaks about class issues and mobility. I combine fabric sourced from working-class neighborhoods, places where I meet Cuban and Haitian mothers, quirky business owners who buy from eccentric wholesalers, and other artists. My interest in the power of textiles originates from my working-class roots and it
manifests in the economic realities that I face as a practicing artist.

As an artist, I've encountered contradictions in mobility while working to support my practices alongside the cost of living. My installations and objects hold space for viewers and mediate conversations about class and mobility through tactile experiences. Talking about class in my work acknowledges that the market is imbalanced and that money is a difficult subject to speak about culturally and institutionally.

My expanded creative practice as researcher and curator provides opportunities for other artists. I work with institutions to activate unused spaces, curate relevant thematic exhibitions, and support the production of installations. I help fundraise to pay artists, and I lecture about how working for free devalues one's own practice as well as our greater collective practice. When I've had opportunities to travel, I go to the domestic fabric store a few streets away from the Duomo and buy a used Necchi sewing machine from a family business. These experiences with individuals stimulate community mindfulness. Like the weft of a weaving, (the cross threads that form a cohesive cloth) my mission supports conscientious community building and safe spaces to engage.


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2009   MFA, Yale University School of Art, Sculpture, New Haven, CT
o   Traveling Grant to attend the Tilton Residency, Beijing, China, 2008
o   Critical Practices with AA Bronson, Painting Theory with Peter Halley
o   Sculpture Core with Jessica Stockholder, Daphne Fitzpatrick, and Joe Scanlan
o   Studio Critiques with Jim Hodges, Cheryl Donegan,
Michel Auder, Michael Queenland, Robert Storr, and Mierle Ukeles
2006   BFA, Cleveland Institute of Art, Painting, Cleveland, OH,
Painting Core with Saul Ostrow and Julie Langsam
2005   Ted Frost Award for Studio Advancement
2004    Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship, Yale Summer School of the Arts and Music, Norfolk, CT
o   Norfolk Studio Visits with Jake Berthot, Sam Messer, Kiki Smith, and Dana Schutz


Current    Siena Art Institute, Summer Resident, Siena, Italy

Now   Art Center | South Florida, Miami Beach, FL

o   Institute of Contemporary Art, Artist + Research Program, Miami

2014  Zona Imaginaria, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012  Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT

2008  Tilton Residency, The China Project, Beijing, China

2004  Yale Summer School of the Arts and Music, Norfolk, CT


2018   Locust Projects, New Havens, Miami, FL

2017    Young At Art Museum, Lady Cave Solo, Davie, FL

o   ArtCenter | South Florida, PlushSpace Solo, Miami Beach, FL

2015   Artspace, Vertical Reach, New Haven, CT

2011   A-Space Gallery, Two For One, West Haven, CT


2017   Dimensions Variable, A Thread of Execution, Miami, FL

o   Whitney Biennial, Debtfair, New York, NY 

o   Bailey Contemporary Arts, Gritty In Pink, Pompano Beach, FL

o   Design Sublime, More Women Painting, Miami, FL

o   ArtCenter | South Florida, Flooded Sanctuaries, Miami Beach, FL

o   The Institute Library, Nasty Women Exhibition, New Haven, CT

o   Ely Center of Contemporary Art, Broad Stripes and Bright Stars, CT

2016   Field Projects, Show #28, New York, NY

o    First Street Gallery, Artists Choose Artists, New York, NY

o    Ridgefield Guild of Artists, By A Thread, Ridgefield, C

o    Corsiar Apartments, Permanent Collection, New Haven, CT

o    Eastern Connecticut State University, ArtSpace Windham, Embodied Narratives, CT

 2015   Printed Matter, Cosigned Body Duel Book, New York, NY 2014

o    Fred Giampietro Gallery, Self-Absorbed, New Haven, CT

o    John Slade Ely House, Doll Like Exhibition, New Haven, CT

o   Artspace, Vertical Reach, New Haven, CT

2014   Dixon Place, Fabrications, New York, NY

2013   Swimsuit Factory, Fem//me: Curated by Selby Nimrod, New Haven, CT

o   Art Lot, Curious Remains, Brooklyn, NY

o   The Institute Library, Head, Curated by Jeff Ostergren

2012   Real Art Ways, Half-Off, Hartford, CT

o   The Institute Library, Out Of Nature: Curated by Stephen Kobasa, New Haven, CT

2010   Newman Popiashvili Gallery, Untitles: Curated by Michel Auder, New York, NY

o    Mind Sets, Haskins Laboratories, Group Show Curated by Debbie Hesse, Cat Balco, and the Arts Council of Greater New Haven, CT

o    Exhibition One, Group Show Curated by Laura Marsh and Phil Lique, 360 State New Haven, CT

o    Flock, City-Wide Open Studios Juried Exhibition Curated by Patricia Hickson and Kristina Newman-Scott, Artspace, New Haven, CT

o   A-Space, Line-Dancing: A Writers Choice of Works on Paper, Assembled By Stephen Kobasa, West Haven, CT

2009   Marc Jancou Contemporary, Careerists and Visionaries, New York, NY

o   Jack Tilton Gallery, Handmade Wearable, New York, NY

2008   Artspace, Duo Performance, New Haven, CT

o   Art Center, Digital Productions, Beijing, China

2006   Cleveland Foundation, Heterotopias: Sites of Culture, Contested and Inverted, Group Show, Cleveland, OH

2005   Red Shoe Delivery Service, Traveling Exhibition, New York, NY

2004   Survey Gallery, Tower of Babel II, Cleveland, OH


Nov 2017  Mottos, Celebrating Multicultural Identities
Sep           Dual Frequency, Celebrating South Florida Visual Arts and Media Awardees, Artists:

Aug-Jun   Moist Things, Solo Exhibition of Charley Friedman, Courtesy of Nina Johnson Gallery

May-Apr   Outside In, Honoring the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project, Co-curated with Jill  

Apr-Jan   Exposed, Fundraiser with Artist Initiatives and Interventions, $30,000 raised                        

Dec-Oct ‘16   Transphysics, Honoring South Florida Practitioners, Co-curated with William Cordova              

No Pop Projects (Title: Co-founder + Director)

o   I am the cofounder of an artist-run printed matter venue and curatorial initiative


 Nov 2016     Miami Book Fair, Miami, FL

o   SPF’16, Small Press Fair, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Apr     BODY DOUBLES: A Video Screening, Curated by Selby Nimrod + Sarah Lasley
Artists: Lex Brown, Doreen Garner, Faith Holland, Sarah Lasley, Patrick McElnea, Clifford Owens, Tschabalala Self, Alex Stevens, Ka-Man Tse, and Andrew Wagner

o   Lightbox IV: Miao Zhao, An Original Dessert, This egg-like 48 x 48 in image on a backlit sign, a rotating No Pop open call, is made out of Chinese herbal jelly, condensed milk, tofu and water. It’s a dessert and installation rolled into one.

o   With evolving multimedia installations by artists, Laura Marsh and Phil Lique, No Pop Directors, and a site-specific Body Duel installation by Aude Jomini and Laura Marsh.

Feb-Dec  Cave-in, An installation and performance event that combined strange light sources in the dead of winter and responded to the two-month exhibition, Conversation II.

o   Conversation II: A grouping of new media installations, paintings, sculptures, and saleable prototypes

o   Artists: Eóin Burke, Tracie Cheng, Daniel Eugene, Camille Hoffman, Noé Jimenez, Aude Jomini, Phil Lique, Laura Marsh, Aaron McElroy, John O’Donnell, Ronnie Rysz, Edgar Serrano, Jon Stone, Felandus Thames, Anahita Vossoughi, and Mark Williams

o   Lightbox III: Linda Lindroth, Vision, Image of a discarded box that once contained nylon stockings, the composition speaks to us about the slick quality of advertising, dressing as a transformative act, and the material beauty of the discarded.

o   Lightbox II: Aaron McElroy, Window, Image of a No Pop window as a subject of site- specific, referencing a private room that visitors do not have access too and causing one to experience a sense of otherness.

Oct   Conversation I: Immersive sculpture and installation that explores the relationships between wall, floor, and ceiling by protruding, expanding, and suspending forms.

o   Participating artists: Aude Jomini, Phil Lique, Laura Marsh, and Michael  Queenland

o   Lightbox I: Laura Marsh, Dream Diversely, Image of a 8 x 15 ft flag and social sculpture that intersected with the local community on the day that it was aired out.


May-Apr 2016  Kaleidoscope, See The Change: Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Visual Art Senior Thesis Projects Reception

o   Student Exhibition and Night of the Arts, an annual interdisciplinary art and culture event

Mar   Whereabouts Unknown: Solo exhibition of artist-in-residence, Felandus Thames

o   Site-specific installation that involved painting the entire space green to reference a prison cell and serving as a canvas to comment and reflect on America’s  troubled justice system.

Dec ‘15   Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate, Traveling exhibition in collaboration with curator, Katie Knight, and the Montana Human Rights Network that represents race relations in the U.S. and challenges Ben Klassen‘s white supremacist  books, The White Man’s Bible, and, Rahowa!

o   Artists: Neal Ambrose-Smith, Dana Boussard, Ariana Boussard-Reifel, John Buck, Nick Cave, Kristin Casaletto, Enrique Chagoya, Lei Curtis, Jack Davis, Jane Waggoner Deschner, Stephen Glueckert, Jean Grosser, Miguel Guillen, Charles Gute, Valerie Hellerman, Time Holmes, Marilyn Humphries, Lisa Jarret, David Kamm, Maria Karametou, Lucinda Luvaas, Billie Lynn, Robbie McClaran, Marc Morris, Shelly Murney, Ryan Sara Murphy, Richard Notkin, Ellen Ornitz, Faith Ringgold, Jim Riswold, Barbara Romain, Scott Schuldt, Clarissa Sligh, Tim Speyer, Sara Steele, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Cathy Weber, and Valetta

Sep    In Conversation: Dialogue between University of New Haven faculty and their peers.

o   Common themes included colony collapse disorder, bodily abstraction, man vs. nature, individual and group identities, and shifting cultural perspectives.

o   Participating artists: John Arabolos, Claudia Demonte, Aude Jomini, Phi Lique, Cecilia Mandrile, Laura Marsh, Chris Michlig, Reno Migani, Tim Nikkiforuk, Jeff Ostergren, Chris Passehl, Jamie Slenker, Jeff Slomba, Joseph Smolinski, Robert Rattner, Ronnie Rysz, and Mark Williams

Jun   La Città Invisibile, Multimedia installation produced with 10 graphic design studio students in collaboration with the Santa Trinita Consorzio, Prato, Italy

May-Apr  Between the Lines: Annual Senior Thesis and University-wide student exhibitions

Mar   Optical Illuminations: Solo exhibition of paintings by Rachel Hellerich

Feb   Islamic Art and Influence: Representing emerging and student artists as well as staff and faculty collections

o   Artists: Alanoud Alarishi, Bandar Almarshad, Edward Castiglione, Donna Leake, Hank Paper, Marjorie Gillette Wolfe, and Abdul  Zahran

Dec ‘14    Post Net. Pre Cyborg?, Group exhibit that critiques new media and comments on life and sexuality in the post-Internet age, collaboration with Selby Nimrod

o   Artists: Ann Hirsch, David Livingston, Phil Lique, Casey McGonagle, Bayne Peterson, and Janet Shih

Oct      American Gothic: A Encapsulation of Horror from 1919-2009 From the Collection of Wes Davis

Sep    Lullaby Lament: Solo exhibition of paintings by Hanlyn Davies

Jun    Look | See: Solo exhibition of photography by faculty member, Robert

Mar    Slight of Hand, A Play on Words: Group exhibit that explores modest, handmade gestures, which form interplays of spatial configuration

o   Artists: Geoffrey Detrani, Rachel Hellerich, Debbie Hesse, Jeanne Heifetz, Tim Nikkiforuk, and Rachael Vaters-Car

Feb     Have | Have Not: Solo exhibition and immersive installation of Gil Scullion

Nov ‘13   Fall From Grace: Solo exhibition of paintings by Margaret Bowland on loan from

Oct     Off-site, Student exhibition as part of Artspace’s City-Wide Open Studios, New Haven Armory Building

Sep    Constructed Ecology: Immersive Grass, Light, Sound, and Video Installation

o   Artists-in-residence: Michael Galvin and Kyle Skar

o   Featured artists: Lisa Amadeo, Nicki Chavoya, and Gary Velush

Jun     Local Industry, Reflections on Nearby Desolation: Group show  that responded to the remnants of industrial Connecticut, Cocurated with Stephen Kobasa

o   Artists: Michael Angelis, Anna Held Audette, Roland Becerra,
Laura Boyer, Joy Bush, David Coon, Claudia Cron, Phyllis Crowley, Matthew Hester,  Brent Howard, Aniko Harvath, Keith Johnson, Todd Jokl, Nathan Lewis, David Ottenstein, Chris Randall, J.D. Richey, Cindy Tower, Maria Tupper, and Tracy Walter Ferry

Mar     Multi-Focus Memoryscapes: Three person painting, photography, sculpture exhibition of Graham D. Honaker II, William McCarthy, and Hank Paper

Jan     The Gazers, Selections from the Print Collection of James Reed, Artists: Honoré Daumier, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Murdoch, Perry Obee, Pablo Picasso, Jim Reed, Ronnie Rysz

Nov ‘12   New Heaven: Retrospective of installations, prints, and sculptures by Cecila Mandrile, Co-curated with Elvis Fuentes and Yuneikys Villalonga

Oct       Tough Love: Two person exhibition between abstract painters, Cat Balco, and Meghan Craig

o   Off-site, student exhibition as part of Artspace’s City-Wide Open Studios, New Haven Register Building

Sep      Inverted Structures, Solo exhibition of drawings and sculptures by Lourdes Correa-Carlo

     Curator of Exhibitions,  Art and Culture Center | Hollywood, FL
o   I am establishing relationships with collectors and dealers to produce international exhibitions

o   I Designate unused spaces as 250sites for exhibitions and discourse

o   Produce well-balanced concepts in 3 spaces

o   Rename the galleries as the Immersive, Interactive, and Relational Galleries

o   Coordinate 40-100 person exhibitions

o   Raise $30,000 Annually for Exhibitions

o   Collaborate to raise $250,000 for the Exhibitions, Education, and Theater Departments

2010-2016   Gallery Director, Curator, and Instructor: University of New Haven, West Haven, CT (6-years) 

o   I built the groundwork for the University of New Haven’s Seton Gallery to commit to exhibiting emerging installation artists and I exploring an

artist-in-residence program.

o   I represented 300 artists, curators, faculty, and students in four-years

o   I produced solo and group exhibitions for local and national  artists

o   I served as the Chair for the Art on Campus and Events Committees

o   40-60 visitors attended our openings, artist talks, and interdisciplinary events

o   I served as an interdisciplinary liaison between Art & Design, Music, English, and Theater Departments

o   Curriculum planning as part of the Art & Design Committee

o   Gallery Operations, Art Handling, Installation

o   Graphic Design, Studio Visits, Mentoring Gallery Interns and Independent Study Students, Writing Press Releases and Web Maintenance

o   Facilitating the Installation of emerging and student artwork across campus

o   Teaching two sections of Art History I and Digital Design each semester

o   Courses Taught include Introduction to Art, Introduction to Basic Design, Art His II, Contemporary Art, Drawing I, and Visual Thinking

o   Study Abroad courses taught include Graphic Design Studio in Prato, Italy

2013-2016   Digital Design Instructor, Gateway Community College, New Haven, CT (3-years)

o   Teaching Photoshop basics to advanced techniques

o   Serving as an advisor to the Event and Gallery Committees

2012   Visiting Artist Maine College of Art, Portland, ME

o   Presenting personal and curatorial work for Christina Bechstein’s sculpture core course

o   Studio visits with individual sculpture students

2011    Lecturer in Contemporary and Modern Art History Lecturer, Paier College of Art, Hamden, CT

o   Lecturing and discussing contemporary art forms, movements, and theory

2010   Adjunct in Digital Arts and Technology, Naugatuck Valley Community College

o   Teaching Digital Design I, II, and Motion Graphics

o   Assisting with curriculum revisions

o   Student advising

2007-2009 Program Director, Artspace, New Haven, CT

o   Coordinating an annual summer apprenticeship program

o   Pairing New Haven promise students with a master artist

o   Facilitating creative programs and fundraising initiatives, which generated $20,000

o   Organizing a larger gala event that procured $40,000 from high-profil clients and professionals

o   Curated an annual exhibition of 300+ artists and coordinated 4-weeks of corresponding programming

o   Prepared and received grants from the Tremaine Foundation and the New Alliance Foundation

o   Programmed monthly fashion and music events that engaged new student audiences

o   Coordinated and facilitated poetry readings, film productions, screenings, an theater performances

 2008   Teaching Assistant to Artist, Clint Jukkala, Yale University School of Art, New Haven

 2006   Sculpture Instructor, Ramapo, Airmont, NY

 2005   Constructions and Painting Instructor, Waynflete School, Portland, ME 3

 2005-2001   Instructor for Children and Teens, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, OH (4-years)


2017   Philip Valys, South Florida blog and Sun Sentinel, “ These
            artists are getting ‘Gritty’ with the color pink,” Jun

2016   Tom Breen, Episode of Deep Focus on WNHH Community
            Radio, May

o    Dan Vieira, I Love New Haven, “Studio and Gallery Visit at No Pop,” May

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o    John Dankosky,WNPR, Where We Live: Discussing Obama’s Free Community College Proposal, Feb

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2013   Hank Hoffman, “ Soon to be a Memory: “Multi-focus Memoryscapes” at Seton Art Gallery,” Mar

2012   Stephen Kobasa, “Eye Show: A Virtual Exhibition (Fifth in a Series), New Haven Independent, Jun

o    Hank Hoffman, “Head to the Institute Library for the opening of Head,” CT Art Scene Blog, Jan

o    Courtney McCarroll, “ New Kid Off The Block , Daily Nutmeg, Nov

2010   Cat Balco, Debbie Hesse, and The Arts Council of Greater New Haven, Mind Sets Exhibition

           Catalog, Oct

2009   Stephen Kobasa, “Object Lesson,” New Haven Independent, Feb
2006   Sreshta Premnath, “Ruin | Monument,”Shifter Magazine, Oct


2017 Transforming Spaces Panelist, Artspace, New Haven, CT

 o   Crisis Averted, Quinta del Sordo organized by Pista 34,                 Madrid, Spain

 2016   Common Field Convening Scholorship, Miami, FL

 2013   Panelist for Make Art Work, University of New Haven         
             sponsored  by the Arts Council of New Haven, Cultural
             Alliance of Fairfield Count , Greater Hartford Arts Council,
             and the Tremaine Foundation


2017   Broward Art in Public Spaces Committee Member, Ft. 
           Lauderdale, FL

o   Guest Juror for the Space Coast Fair, Cape Canveral, FL

2016   Curatorial Advisory Board Member, Artspace, New Haven,                  CT

o    Jurying Artspace’s 3-4 annual open calls.

o    Connecting Artspace to artists, organizations and
 individuals who might be interested in exhibitions,
special events, and  opportunities.

o     Brainstorming ideas for future projects, collaborations, or

o     Representing Artspace on a daily basis as an honorary
board member.

2015    Panelist for the Annual Arts Council Awards, New Haven, CT

o     Reviewed recommendations from community members
on the behalf of local artists,

businesses, programs, and venues

2014    Spoke about art and critical practice to residents at Zona
             Imaginaria in Buenos Aires, Argentina

o    Juried a section of public art underpass proposals for the
                  Under 91 Project, New Haven, CT

 o    Juried an annual local culture exhibit at the Willoughby
                  Wallace Memorial Library, Stony Creek, CT

o    Served as a panelist and guest curator for an annual
      Speed Networking event, Artspace, New Haven, CT



Siena Art Institute

Art and Culture Center

Recent Feature


Laura Marsh is a textile artist with a social practice. She defines installations for viewer participation at institutions. Her caves, flags, and weavings contain social mottos. Marsh believes that immersive environments are needed in academic cultures to reflect upon a world that is becoming increasingly moderated by technology and social media competition. From two generations of sewers, she practices a do-it-yourself approach that is accessible and hands-on. Over the past decade, Marsh has watched her hometown of Montrose, Pennsylvania transform into a fracking region. She has relocated several times, and her installations reflect the artist's experience with relocation. Her desire to define spaces that are place makers for others is a direct reaction to gentrification and class issues that force artists to fragment their lives and become nomadic. Marsh regards her practice as multilayered and transformative, and she supports the activation of uncommon sites. 

Marsh received her MFA from Yale University School of Art and a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Marsh has exhibited nationally at venues including Dimensions Variable, Miami, The Whitney Museum of American Art, Printed Matter, Field Projects, Newman Popiashvili Gallery, and Tilton Gallery in NY. She is a current artist in residence at ArtCenter South Florida in Miami Beach and the Curator of Exhibitions at the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood, FL.

Laura Marsh is a textile artist with an expanded practice. She defines spaces for viewers to engage with tactile objects, poetic phrases, and social experiences. Her weavings contain social mottos and her immersive environments offer communal space for viewers to gather and communicate about class and creative practices.