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The Sanctuary is a reflection about the desire to discuss class issues more openly and to provide tactile community spaces for shared experience. The piece began as a reaction to Miami's loss of sanctuary status under the new administration as today's current political climate is noninclusive of families who cross the border illegally and find themselves in deportation cases. Also for our own citizens, our youth are subject to high education costs and lack of affordable housing. This installation is also a metaphor for the loss of affordable mixed-use spaces for artists globally. Marsh is from a rural roots; she was displaced from a mixed-use studio in 2015 and has been through a immigration case with a former partner in 2003. There has been many instances when the artist questions how to locate a place called, "home."  Marsh sits with visitors at ArtCenter. to talk about these issues, adds to the installations over time, and collaborates with other artists and community partners. Photography is courtesy of Mateo Serna and sound is in collaboration with KronosNyne.